'The Dumbell Destroyer'

This session only involves the use of a pair of Dumbells. The efffectiveness of dumbells has recently been overlooked by  the Kettlebell, Power Clubs and suspension systems. However, this workout proves that Dumbells will continue to have their place in gyms, not just for their muscle building effect but also for metabolic workouts like this. I hope some of you decide to give this a go!!

Warm up: (5-10 MINUTES)

Row 500 metres

3 x 10 press ups

3 x 10 lunges each leg

3 x 10 body weight Squats


'Dumbell Destyroyer'

Repeat the Following x 5 as Fast as Possible:

12 DB Squat to Bicep Curls

12 DB Lateral Raises

12 DB Walking Lunges

12 DB Squat to Press

12 DB Frontal Raises

500 Metre Row as Fast as Possible


Let us know how you get on with this session by posting in the comments section.


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