Double Kettlebell Long Lever Crunches For Great Abs

This is a Fantastic exercise for improving core strength. This video was in 2011 before we rebranded 'Cardiff Kettlebell Bootcamp' to 'SOS Bootcamp'. Even if you have weak abdominals, you can do this exercise with your hands directly up in the air. This is a far more challenging exercise compared to traditional sit ups. If you really want to increase your core strength and stability aim to do this exercise as heavy as possible. I can manage 5-6 reps with 2 x 24 kg Kettlebells. Start light and progress.

Try the following Workout as a Superset in your next gym session. Aim for 4 -5 sets with 90 seconds recovery between each.

1)a) Double Kettlebell Long Lever Crunch x 6 Reps

1)b) Hanging Knee Raise x 12 Reps

Let us know how heavy you manage on this brilliant exercise!! Post to the comments section.


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