Does Fruit Make You Fat


This is a guest blog post from James McCarthy, Personal Trainer at SOS Athletic Excellence.

Thi Simple answer to the question of does fruit make you fat is HELL NO!

If someone tells you to not eat fruit because it can make you fat due to the sugar content, laugh in hysterics at the bro-science and ignore them!!

I'll admit I used to believe this myself for a while and would avoid/restrict fruit as much as possible after reading some absolute ridiculous nutrition advice.

However fruit is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. Full of fibre, micronutrients and tastes great.

As long as you meet your required daily carbohydrate and caloric intake, fruit will without a doubt not make you gain weight.

So go and enjoy 2-3 pieces of fruit daily knowing that your providing your body with an array of health benefits, and certainly not derailing your fat loss efforts.


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