Day 9 of Operation Shape Up

Today is Thursday and I'm onto Day 9 of my Operation Shape Up. The first 5 days of the program strictly following the Juice Plus+ Shape Program were tremendously successful dropping 2.5% Body Fat and 2.8 kg. With Day 6 and Day 7 not being as structured, yesterday I started the Intermitent Fasting (IF), adopting the lean gains approach of a 16 hour fast and a 8 hour eating window. I will continue with this structure for the rest of the shape up and into the start of February.

5.15 am: Alarm

5.30 am: Juice Plus+ Premium Plus+ Capsules, Omega 3 capsules x 3, 3 x BCAA's

6.15 am: Personal Training Client 1

7.15 am: Personal Training Client 2

8.15 am: Personal Training Client 3

10.30: Personal Training Client 4

12.00 pm: Meal One and I break my fast with 2 scoops of Juice Plus+ Complete shake, 1 egg and 2 egg whites mixed in, 75 grams of Cashew Nuts

12.30 pm: Bootcamp with 6 participants

2 pm: Personal Training Client 5

3 pm: Meal Two and I head to CF3 cafe in Cardiff for a Paleo based meal consisting of a Reggae Reggae chicken burger, 2 poached eggs and a side salad. I boost my calories with a Juice Plus+ Shape Bar.

4.30 pm: Personal Training Client 6

6.00 pm: Spin Class for 45 minutes at a high intensity followed by gym based training

Gym Workout

Complete the following as Fast as possiobe:

- 2,000 metre Row

7 Rounds of:

- 5 Deadlifts (120 kg)

- 10 Chest to Floor Burpees

- followed by....100 Toes 2 Bar

This took a total 24.06 and made the total length of high intensity exercise in excess of 1 hour 15 minutes.

8.30 pm Meal 3 was a post workout meal and following the I.F. rules shpould be the largest of the day.


- 200 grams of Fromage Frais with 50 grams of porridge oats and a drizzle of Manukan honey

Main Course

- 2 lean pork chops served with 100 grams of cous cous with mixed vegetables and 200 grams of wilted spinich


- Handful of Mixed Fruit and Nuts

9.30 pm: Bed and read before light out at 10 pm

Day Summary: It's day two of Intermittent Fasting and todays first meal was much better than the previous. Breaking the fast with some healthy fats in the form of cashews was much better than opting for something higher in sugar. I was hungry in the morning, but to my surprise the hunger does pass. Due to work commitments I was unable to train in a fasted state. Its not ideal being such a busy Personal Trainer with not being able to perform the routine exactly as I'd like. I know if I bring  in the fasted training the results will be quicker and greater. So this is how I can improve upon today. However tomorrow is a rest day as I have trained for 12 days in a row. Although I feel great and don't feel as if I need it, I know rest is critical for recovery. So will take this tomorrow.  On reflection of two days Intermittent Fasting I don't like the 16 hour fasting window, the 8 hour eating window of 3 large meals is great. My goal is to lose body fat % and not strictly weight, so calories are important to me. I rwalise thet the Intermittent Fasting is something that I need to do for several weeks or months to start seeing huge differences, but I'm happy to continue the experiment past the '14 Day Shape Up'.




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