Day 8 of Operation Shape Up

Damn, was I aching this morning. That 90 minutes last night was my first full game in a few months and you could tell by the way my legs felt. Today was day 8 and in the initial 5 days I had made brilliant gains dropping 2.8 kg and 2.5% Body Fat. As I mentioned in the first blog post and several of the ones so far Intermittent Fasting following the 16 hour fast and 8 hour eating window was something that I wanted to play with. I had done all the research and I was ready to give that a go for the next few days to see how this would feel.

7 am: Juice Plus+ Premium Plus+ Capsules, 3 x Omega 3 capsules and 3 x BCAA's

8 am: Personal Training Client 1

10 am: Personal TRaining Client 2

11 am: Personal Training Client 3

12.45 pm: Meal 1 of the Day

Juice Plus+ Complete Shake x 2 scoops with 500 ml of water and 3 x egg whites

400 ml of Chocolate Maxi milk

1 x bannana and a '9 Bar'.

1 pm: Business Meeting

2.30 pm: Personal Training Client 4

3,30 pm: Personal Training client 5

5 pm: Meal 2

Home made bean soup, tin of tuna served with puy lentils and a small tin of sweetcorn.

6 pm: Personal Training client 6

7 pm: Training

As my legs were aching like crazy I opted to leave my legs and do a more traditional body part split session focusing on Shoulders and Core

1) Dumbell Shoulder Press x 10 reps (24 kg/ 24 kg  / 26 kg / 26 kg)

2) Standing snatch grip, behind the nech press (50 kg/ 50 kg / 50 kg / 50 kg)

3)a) Barbell Rollouts x 12

3)b) Knees to Elbox x 12

4) DB lateral raise Drop Set  x 3 sets(10 kg - 8 kg - 6 kg)

5) DB Frontall raise Drop Set  x 3 sets(12 kg -10 kg - 8 kg)


Metabolic Aspect

4 Rounds for Time

- 50 kg Push Press x 8

- Gymnastic Ring Press Ups x 8

- Barbell Rollouts x 8


9 pm: Meal 3

Bannana smothered in Peanut Butter

Fish and Salad

65 g of cashew nuts

Summary of Day: This is the second day in a row that I have trained in the evening and I must admit I much prefer mornings. However, there was no way I could have had a productive session this morning with the way my body felt after last nights game. Today was my first ever experience of Intermittent Fasting. Waiting till 1 pm for my first meal was tough, I was initially hungry but that hunger did pass. On reflection I do wish that I broke my fast with something a little lower GI. The fruit, the shakes and the bar I believe were all a little too high in sugar. Normally I would be more prepared, but with not getting home until 12.30 am and being up for 7 am, it was difficult. I'll Fast similarly tomorrow and be better prepared with my first meal. Tomorrow I will go for a shake with 3 x egg whites and  nuts at 1pm. Unfortunately, I will have to train again in the evening as I have a Spin class tomorrow at 6 pm and a Personal Training client to train with at 6.45 pm. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to Fast and train in the morning on Friday.




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