Day 7 of Operation Shape Up

Today is Tuesday and I have a ridicolously long day ahead. My alarm goes off at 5 am, as it does every Tuesday for my busniness for breakfast meeting in Cardiff Bay. This meeting run by BNI has proven really worthwhile for business and I have committed to attend every Tuesday. Normally I don't mind, but with an away football match tonight in Oxfordshire getting up at 5 am to kick off a competitive cup game 15 hours later is going to be a grind. As tonight I have a football match all my nutritional intake will be geared towrds maximising tonights performance.

5.15 am: Juice Plus+ Premium Plus Capsules, BCAA's x 3, Omega 3 capsules x 3

5.30 am: Juice Plus+ Complete shake x 2 scoops with 500 ml of water

6.30 am: Breakfast meeting where I had several cups of grren tea

8.30 am: Starbiucks to get on with some administrative work. Green Tea and packet of Fruit and Nuts

11 am: Juice Plus+ Shape Bar and JP+ Soup

3 pm: Tuna Salad and 100 g of Blueberries

5 pm: Maximuscle Progain Bar

7.30 pm: Sip on a Powerade during the game

I played 90 minutes as a lone striker in a 4.2 victory. Massively fatigued at the end of the game with an estimated 10 km covered at various intensities during the game.

Long journey back to Cardiff from Oxfordshire.

12.30 am: Stuffed Peppers, brocolli and green beans

12.45 am: Bed and Sleep

Day Summary: Footballers have incredibly lean physiques and if I am 100% honest this is not the physique that I want. I prefer a much more muscular and athletic physique. With 4 games scheduled during the Operation Shape Up, I knew maintaining muscle mass would be one issue I faced. This is one reason I opted for a 'eating little and often' approach today. As great as David Beckham looks, I am after a more muscular frame.



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