Day 6 of Operation Shape Up

Monday 7th has arrived and it's going to be the start of a busy week in the gym. For most people the first Monday of the new year is the start of all the New Years Resolutions and today is expected to be that day in the gym.

8 am: All my usual capsules including BCAA's, Omega 3's and Juice Plus+ Premium Plus.

I have trained for the past 5 days in a row and can't believe how energised and good I am feeling. The Juice Plus+ is definitely working, with James the client I trained yesterday aching all over. The research of the products decreasing inflamation seem to be working. I feel really good!!

8.15 am: 2 sccops of chocolate Juice Plus+ Complete Shake with 450 ml of water, 40 g of frozen cherries and a spponful of Almond butter for breakfast

10 am: SOS Bootcamp Session with 12 participants at Fitness First, Cardiff

11 am: Training Session 1 of the Day

5 km Treadmill Run

It took me 19.10. Starting on speed 14.0 kmph and dialing up from there every few hundred metres. This is the fastest time I have done 5 km in a very long time. It is the fastest time I have done it in the past 3 years for sure. It is the fastest time I have recoreded for this distance in 7 years. I was chuffed with this, as I had no specific warm up other than a steady 400 metre jog, minimal stretching and I was on a calorie restricted or calorie reduced plan. I couldn't get over how well I felt during the run.

11.40 pm: Shower and a Juice Plus+ Complete Shake

12 pm: Personal Training Client 1

1 pm: Juice Plus+ Shape Soup and a large bananna smothered in peanut butter. My body needs the calories if it is going to push some heavy weights within the next hour.

1.15 pm: Training Session 2 of the Day. I trained with a Personal TRaining client James.

Chest and Tricep Hypertrophy Session

4 sets of each with 90 - 120 seconds rest between super sets

1)a) Bench Press x 12 reps (70 kg / 75 kg / 80 kg / 90 kg)

1)b) DB Flies x 12 reps (14 kg / 14 kg / 14 kg / 14 kg)

2)a) Incline DB Press x 12 reps (26 kg / 26 kg / 26 kg / 26 kg)

2)b) Press Ups x 12

3)a) Tricep Dips x 12 reps

3)b) Cable Rope Tricep Extyensions x 12 reps

4) Cable flies to failure x 3 sets

2.15 pm: Post Workout: 3 x BCAA's, Tuna Salad with olives and a Juice Plus+ Shape Bar

3 pm: Personal Training Client 3 of the day, a home visit in Cyncoed, Cardiff.

4.15 pm: I am so hungry today. I am supposed to wait a few hour before my next meal, but found myself real hungry. With 4 Personal Training clients back to back I had another Juice Plus+ Bar and a JP+ Shape Shake. The double session earlier today has definitely taken its toll on my metabolism.

4.30 pm: Personal Training client 4

5.30 pm: Personal Training client 5

6.30 pm: Personal Training client 6

7.30 pm: SOS Bootcamp and the last session of the day

9 pm: Vegetable based curry served with cauliflower rice and green beans

9.30 pm: 2 x table spoons of Peanut Butter

Day Summary:  I am happy with today has gone. A extremely bust day at the gym, with lots of Personal Training clients and two bootcamps and two successful workouts. Today I hopefully halted the decrease in my weight, without halting the decrease in my body fat. I certainly consumed more calories today than the previous few days, while keeping it clean.

I will eat similarly tomorrow as to how I have today with a more traditional 1980's and 1990's nutrition plan of eating little and often. I must admit, I feel more energised and leaner going slightly longer between meals and have become fond over the past 5 days of fasted workouts each day. I will weigh again on Wednesday morning and see if eating slightly more has had the effect that I hope it will of lower body fat and a weight around 80 kg. At the moment it seems a constant battle of trying to lose fat and not weight.



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