Day 5 of Operation Shape Up

8 am: Daily dose of capsules ( BCAA's, Omega 3's and Premium Plus). No breakfast

Sundays are normally a day that I lie in and take a rest day, but as I only played 30 minutes the day before in the football match I decided to go in and train with Terry (Personal Training client). I thought I would weigh and test my body fat to see how the first 4 days of the plan have gone.

It was only day 5 and so far my body fat % was down 2.5% and my weight was already down 2.7 kg. I had already lost almost 6 lbs in just 4 full days. So the plan was working, which was great, but the fast results were a huge surprise. In all honesty if you asked me how much I expected to lose over the 14 day period I would have estimated around 2.5 kg. To have lost 2.7 kg in just 4 days was a shock.

9.30 am: Training session

Deadlift Pyramid with 5 reps each set super set with 5 wide grip pulll ups after every set. Rest between sets was short, estimated at 60 seconds.

60 kg x 5 and 5 Pull Ups

70 kg x 5 and 5 Pull Ups

80 kg x 5 and 5 Pull Ups

90 kg x 5 and 5 Pull Ups

100 kg x 5 and 5 Pull Ups

110 kg x 5 and 5 Pull Ups

120 kg x 5 and 5 Pull Ups

130 kg x 5 and 5 Pull Ups


CrossFit Hero Workout called ' Loredo'.

6 Rounds for Time of:

24 Air Squats

24 Press Ups

24 Walking Lunges

400 metre Run

Loredo took: 22.41

Total session time - 48 minutes

10.30 am: Post Workout 2 x scoops of Juice Plus+ Complete with 500 ml of water, 3 x BCAA's

11.30 am: 100 g of Bulghar Wheat, tin of tuna in sunflower oil and a handful of spinich

3.30 pm: 3 x sausages, brocolli, courgettes, carrots and 65 grams of puy lentils

8 pm: Salmon, cougettes and spinich


10.00 pm: Spoonful of Almond Butter, 3 x BCAA's and Bed


Day Summary: Over the past 4 days I have been training really hard and making sure if possible to train first thing in the mornong on a empty stomach. I have then been having a post workout shake followed by a meal 60 - 90 minutes later. I have then been doing my best to go 4 - 6 hours between meals. This has worked as the weigh in this morning proved. With na double training session planned tomorrow and myself being already on track I consumed a few extra meals today. I still kep them incredibly clean, fibrous and ensured I consumed protein with every meal. I will follow this similar structure for the next 2 - 3 days. I will hopefully maintain where I currently am with my weight, but continue to drop body fat. The battle of looking lean and staying above 80 kg is on.



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