Day 4 of Operation Shape Up

Day 4 of Operation Shape Up – Football Day

Saturday is football day!! I normally have a few Personal Training clients in on a Saturday morning and today is no different. I play Football semi professionally for Cinderford Town in the Zamaretto South and West league. So Saturday is Game Day. I’m on Day 4 of the Plan and feel far more energised, alert and ready to play. This proves that lowering calories certainly should not make you feel lethargic, tired or down in any way shape or form.

7.30 am: BCAA’s x 3, Juice Plus+ Premium Plus capsules, 3 x Omega 3 capsules

3 eggs scrambled served with 100 g of steamed spinich and baby tomatoes

8.30 am: Personal Training Client

9.30 am: Personal Training Client 2

11 am: Juice Plus+ Complete Shake and a JP+ Shape Bar

2 pm: Start warming up for the game

I was on the bench. Even though I’m extremely fit I suffered a ACL reconstruction in the Summer of 2011, so due to this reason I don’t start and play every game. I came on for the last 30 minutes and we were down to 10 men. Lots of running and we won 2.1 so a good game.

5.30 pm: Post Workout Shake 2 scoops of Juice Plus+ Complete with 500 ml of water

7 pm: Arrived Home from football. 2 x table spoons of Almond Butter and 5 x Dried Apricots

8.30 pm: A meal with friends for girlfriends Birthday. We went to a vegetarian restaurant and had fantastic food.

Course 1: Cauliflower and Almond Salad served with edamine beans

Course 2: Sweet potato and Mushroom burger served with linseed salad


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