Day 3 of Operation Shape Up

6 am: 3 x BCAA's, 3 x Omega 3 capsules, Juice Plus+ Premium Plus capsules. No breakfast until post workout.

7 am: Training session

Today I wanted to do a few hypertrophy based (high volume and intense) supersets. Followed by experimenting with a Hurricane session designed by MMA conditioning expert Martin Rooney.

So here it was:

Perform the following supersets with just 60 seconds rest in between sets

1)a) Overhead Squats x 12 reps (30 kg / 40 kg / 45 kg / 50 kg)

1)b) Bench Press x 12 reps (80 kg / 80 kg / 80 kg / 80 kg)

Rest 3 minutes

2)a) Standing DB Press x 12 reps (14 kg / 14 kg / 14 kg / 14 kg)

2)b) Incline DB Press x 12 reps (22 kg / 20 kg / 18 kg / 18 kg)

Hurricane Metabolic Workout: Perform each exercise for 1 minute each, with no rest. Rest 3 minutes betwen rounds and complete 3 rounds in total

A 300-pound tire flip
2. Quick-feet drills through a ladder
3. Pushing a weighted sled
4. Sprinting with added resistance
5. Pounding a tire with a sledgehammer

8 am: Personal Training Client 2

9 am: Personal Training Client 3

11.15 am: JP+ Shape Soup with 80 g of extra carrots and half of a JP+ Shape Bar. WOW - I was so hungry at this point today. That workout was very demanding and I feel my body wanting more calories, so I added half of a shape bar to this meal.

1.30 pm: Personal Training client 4

2.30 pm: Personal Training Client 5

3.45 pm: Tuna Salad and half a JP+ Shape Bar

4 pm: Personal Training Client 6

5 pm: Personal Training Client 7

6 pm: Bootcamp session with 15 participants to coach and train

7 pm and leave work, exactly 12 hours after arriving. Long day as usual.

8.30 pm: Out for a meal with girlfriend, Mam and Dad for girlfriends birthday.

I had a two course meal and my first lot of simple carbohydrates in three days.

Course 1: Salmon Rice

Course 2: Welsh Lamb Dinner

2 Pints of blackcurrant squash

11 pm: Bed and I feel like I need it!!

Day Summary: It's been a long day as usual. Even though its Friday 4th January and I'm not back in work properly until January 7th, I am extremely busy. 7 Personal Training sessions and a Bootcamp plus my own high intensity training is tough. This is the 4th day in a row that I have trained and surprisingly I'm not aching. The Juice Plus+ products are certainly helping with recovery and I can definitely notice a difference in the way I feel and look. Roll on tomorrow!!


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