Day 2 of Operation Shape Up

7.30 am: Alarm and snooze until 8 am

8 am: 3 x BCAA's, 3 x Omega 3 capsules and 6 capsules of Juice Plus+ Premium Plus

Omega 3's are healthy fats and due to the fact I am reducing my carbohydrates by around 20%, upping my Fat content is a great way to ensure I maintain enough calories throughout the day. Omega 3, also has huge health benefits including increased concentration and brain function. Adding good fats to my Nutrition will allow my body to loose more fat over the 14 day period.

The Premium Plus capsules contains the equivalent of 2.5 -  3 kg of Fresh, raw and ripe fruits, vehetables and berries. These antioxident and phytonutrient rich capsules are clinically proven to boost immunity, increase recovery from sports training, protect DNA, reduce inflammation and increase hydration.


8.15 am: 3 x eggs scrambled, spinich and tomatoes with a table spoon of Almond butter.

9 am: Personal Training Client

10 am: I trained with my Personal Training Client 2

German Body Composition Training (4 sets of each with 45 - 60 seconds rest between superstets).

German Body Composition training is fantastic for aesthetics due to the short rest periods and high volume. It is a great way to train if you are looking fpor hypertrophy (muscular growth).

1)a) Barbell Rollouts x 12 (Olympic Barbell)

1)b) Wide Pull Ups x 12 (BW / BW / 14 kg assistance / 14 kg assistance)

2)a) Toes to Bar x 12 (BW / BW / BW /BW)

2)b) Seated Row x 12 (45 kg / 50 kg / 55 kg / 55 kg)

3)a) Knees to Elbow x 12 (BW / BW / BW / BW)

3)b) Lat Pull Downs x 12 (90 / 100  / 105 / 110)


11 am: Juice Plus+ Complete Shake served with water and 3 x BCAA's

11.30: Pesonal Training Client 3

1.30 pm: Business Meeting with a Green Tea

3 pm: Really hungry at this point. Going 4 hours between meals is going to take a bit of getting used too!! So I had a little more food than  planned, but kept it very clean.

Packet of mixed nuts, 100 g of Beef, 100 g of Turkey, 100 g of Melon and 500 ml of water.

6 pm: Taught a 45 minute high intensity Spin Class at Fitness First, Cardiff.

8.30 pm: Chicken and bean salad. Table Spoon of Almond Butter, 3 x Omega 3 capsules and 3 x BCAA's.

10 pm: Bed

Day 2 Summary: Todays training sessions went really well. I found it easier doing two sessions(morning and evening), compared to Day 1 where we did a GBC session immediately followed by a CrossFiot style Workout. With the intensity of my training and the fast metabolism I naturally have, I am already feeling leaner and tighter. The BCAA's post workout certainly feel like they helped today, so I will continue to take these morning and evening as well as pre / post workout. I was in bed at a much better time today and with the ammount of training I am doing, I realise that sleep is vital for recovery. Bring on Day 3.






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