Day 12 of Operation Shape Up

Day 12 was Sunday and I had a extremely busy day scheduled. I was working all morning at a 'Secrets to Fat Loss Event', targeting Personal Trainers and Health professionals. I was speaking in front of close to fifty people at the event at Bristols Aztec West Hotel. This was a day that I would be in total control over my fasting and eating window.

7.30 am: Normal daily routine of Juice Plus+ capsules, BCAA drink and Omega 3 capsules.

9 am: Leave for Bristol

11 am - 12 pm: My Presentation on  'The Sectrets to Fat Loss'.

12 - 2 pm: Several other fantastic speakers including Katie Ravey of the Skiny Rules, Jon Hollowaty of the Body Camp and National Marketing Director with NSA James Sanderson. All speakers gave fantastic presentations on about various health topics.

2.15 pm: Juice Plus+ Shape Bar

3.15 pm: Beef dinner served with vegetables, a large fish salad and a bowl of fruit.

5 pm: Gym Session at Fitness First, Cardiff.

Squat Session

1) Front Squats - 60 kg x 8 / 70 kg x 6 / 90 kg x 3 / 100 kg x 2 / 105 kg x 2 / 110 kg x 2 / 110 kg x 2

2) Squat Cleans - 60 kg x 3 / 70 kg x 3 / 80 kg x 2 / 85 kg x 2 / 90 kg x 1 / 95 kg x 1 / 100 kg x Fail

3) Over Head Squats - 60 kg x 3 / 65 kg x 3 / 70 kg x 3/ 70 kg x 3 / 75 kg x 1 / 75 kg x 3

4) Hang Squat Cleans - 60 x 10 kg  x 3 sets with only 60 seconds rest in between

5) Single Leg TRX Squats (left leg only). ACL rehabillitation 3 x 10 reps

Over Head Squats are one of my favourite exercises for total body strength. It requires tremendous flexibility and a lot of core and shoulder stabilisatuion.I highly recommend you make these part of your gym routine.

6pm: Post Workout Shake (2 sccopps of JP+ Complete, half a banana, 45 grams of porridge oats and 450 ml of rice milk.

8.30 pm: Vegetarian Curry served with cauliflower rice and green beans

Day Summary: Today has been a very productive day. With the 16 hour fasting window the key is to stay busy. It was 2 pm before I even realised it and the thought of eating didn't come into my head until about 12 pm. My body is getting used to the fast and fed state and this is only a good thing. I had a great gym based session focusing 100% on the weights and the big compound movements that engadge your core and big muscles. I expect to be aching a little tomorrow.My food today was great. I know ideally I'd love to be able to eat three x square wholesome meals, but this is difficult. This is why I use the Juice Plus+ shakes and bars. These are the most nutrient dense products on the market and lwave me feeling satisfied and full.


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