Day 11 of Operation Shape Up

Day 11 of my operation Shape Up was Saturday. Saturday is football day and makes it impossible to 100% adhere to the plan of a 16 hour fast and a 8 hour eating window. I have typically been fasting from 9 pm to 1 pm, but this 1 pm is just 2 hours before my football match kicks off. My second meal would normally be at 4 or 5 pm, which is still during the game. I thereofre stuck to the plan as best as possible. I did fast but for not as long and rather than opting for 3 square meals, had smaller snacks scattered across the eating wiondow.

7 .30 am: Juice Plus+ Premium Plus capsulesm, 3 x Onmega 3 capsules, 10 grams of BCAA's and electrolytes in a drink.

8.30 am: Personal Training Client 1

9.30 am: Personal Training Client 2

10.30 am: Pwersonal Training Client 3

11.45 am: Meal One and a Tuna Salad from CF3 cafe in Cardiff

Football was in Cirencester so set off with the boys to the game.

2 pm: Juice Plus+ Shape Bar

3.45 pm: Half Time during football match where I had a small handful of Nuts and half a bannana

5.45 pm: Post Game I had a shake containing: 2 scoops of Juice Plus+ Complete, 500 ml of rice milk, a table spoon of peanut butter and 45 grams of porridge oats

We drew the game 2.2 and I played for the last 30 minutes. So I didn't get through anywhere near as much running as a typical game where I play 90 minutes.

6 pm: The food after the game was fantastic, I had a large bowl of beef chillie and white rice. Pretty full after that!!

After the game I drove to my parents in Abercynon to see them, where I had my final meal of the day.

8.30 pm: Chicken breast, jacket potato, pea's and salad.

Day Summary: Stauurdays are really tough to stay to the 8 hour fasting period. We start warming up for football at 2.15 pm and don't finish until 6 pm. You also have to leave several hours for any substantial food to digest. All you can do is aim to stick to the principles as best as possible. I did that today.


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