Day 10 of Operation Shape Up

Today is Friday and was a complete rest day. I didn't feel as if my body needed a rest, I wasn't aching too badly, but with my knowledge of the human body, rest is critical for recovery. For this reason I enjoyed a well earned rest day from training.

5.30 am: Wake up to my alarm

Usual morning routine of 3 x omega 3 capsules, Juice Plus+ Premium Plus Capsules and BCAA capsules.

6.30 am: SOS Bootcamp Session with over 15 participants

7.30 am: Personal Training Client 1

9 am: Personal Training Client 2

10 am: Personal Training Client 3

11 am: Personal Training Client 5

12 pm: Meal one and break fast with Juice Plus+ Complete shake with 2 scoops of chocolate, 300 ml of rice milk / 200 ml of water, 40 grams of Porridge oats and a table spoon of Almond buttter. I also had a banana.

12.30 pm: Personal Training Client 6

1.30 pm: Personal Training Client 7

3.30 pm: Meal Two at CF3 Cafe in Cardiff. One homemade beef burger, served with chillie, three poached eggs and a large salad. Also had a Juice Plus+ Bar.

4 pm: Personal Training Clients 8

6 pm: Personal Training client 9

7 pm: Personal Training Client 10

8.30 pm: Meal three and Final Meal of the day. Rice and vegetable stir fry served with salmon.

Day Summary: My body seems to be getting used to the fasted period. It is harder to wait until 12-1 pm to eat, especially when I'm up in the mornings at 5.30 am. It's mind over matter, though and I'm staying strong. Today was a bust day and the end to a busy week. I'm keen to follow the lean gains method for a minimum of 4 weeks and incorporate the Juice Plus+ Shakes, soups and bars into the plan. Day 10 complete so not long to go now.


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