Day 1 of Operation Shape Up

So I will share with you my daily activities while on my own '14 Day Shape Up'.  The hardest part is getting started and today is the day. As I explained in my previous blog post, I will be experimenting with varied types of training, intermittent fasting and the Juice Plus+ products to maximise the next 14 days. My body fay % currently sits a tiny bit below 16%, so we will see the gains we can make in the next 2 weeks.

6.30 am alarm clock and snooze until 7 am

7 am: 3 x BCAA's, Juice Plus+ Premium Plus Capsules and 3 x Omega 3 capsules, JP+ booster and no breakfast

8 am: Personal Training client

9.15 am: 2 scoops of JP+ Complete vegetabkle based protein shake with 3 egg whites and a handful of mixed nuts

9.30 am: Personal Training client 2

12.30 pm: JP+ Booster, JP+ Shape Vegetable soup with extra carrots and a handful of nuts

1 pm: Personal Training Client 3

2 pm: Train with my Personal Training client 4.

Session: German Body Composition Style Session (Supersets with 45 - 60 seconds rest between sets)

1)a) Overhead Squats x 12 reps (30 kg / 40 kg / 45 kg / 50 kg)

1)b) Bench Press x 12 reps (80 kg / 80 kg / 80 kg / 80 kg)

2)a) Standing DB Press x 12 reps (14 kg / 14 / kg /14 kg / 14 kg)

2)b) Incline DB Press x 12 reps (22 kg / 20 kg / 18 kg / 18 kg)

3)a)  Lying EZ Bar Tricep Extension (20 kg / 20kg / 20 kg / 20 kg)

3)b) Seated DB Curls (14 kg / 14 kg / 14 kg / 14 kg)

Metabolic: 3 rounds for time of:

- 12 Thrusters (30 kg)

- 12 Box Jumps (Reebeok Deck)

- 12 Burpees

- 12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (30 kg)

- 30 American styyle Kettlebell Swings (24 kg Kettlebell)

Total Metabolic session time: 15 minutes and 15 seconds

Total Session time  55 minutes.


3 pm: Post workout shake of 2 sccops of JP+ Complete with water

5.30 pm: 2 large chicken breasts

8 pm: Football Training

11 pm: Lentil chillie served with cauliflower rice and vegetables. Two tablespoons of Almond butter before bed with 5 x BCAA's.

Day Summary: Today has been a long day with early Personal Training clients and football training in Cinderford starting at 8 pm. Going slightly longer without breakfast, was a little strange but my body seemed to cope fine.  Getting home at 10.30 pm was not ideal. I aim to be in bed and asleep by 10.30 pm each evening. I recognise that sleep is incredibly important to the suceess of the '14 Day Shape Up'. I am a great fan of the JP+ boosters, although my calorie intake is considerably lower than normal, I didn't feel too hingry throughout the day. So the boosters definitely helped!!

I will remember to take my BCAA's to work tomorrow and have these post workout with my shake. So day one complete, rolll on tomorrow.


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