Chin Ups and Pull Ups - Are You Doing Them?

The verdict is in: Chin-ups and pull-ups are the best upper body mass builders.

If you believe that the squat is the king of leg exercises, then you probably wouldn’t waste your time doing endless sets of abductor machines, leg extensions, or any leg movements on the near-useless Smith machine, right? Likewise, the chin-up – along with its variations – should be considered the “upper body squat,” because of its superior mass-building qualities and its ability to develop high levels of functional strength.

Many bodybuilders would be jealous of the upper back development of top-level gymnasts and kayakers. Their conditioning programs center on – you guessed it – chin-ups.

So are you spending enough time in your training schedule on these king exercises? 

If your spending too much time on the bicep machines and not hitting the pull up bar, your certainly taking the easy option and this will 100% affect your progress.

Start incorporating Pull Ups and Chin Ups in your next upper body workout.


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