The Charles Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Method


Sam O'Sullivan has recently become one of a selected Health professionals in Wales to become a Charles Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner. Sam recently completed the course under the instruction of world renowned Strength and Conditioning coach Charles Poliquin.

Biotyping is gaining popularity amongst healthcare professionals, personal trainers and Nutritional Therapists. Its a principle whereby nutrition recommendations are individualised to suit metabolism and biochemical individuality to help boost Fat loss and improve health. Biosignature allows Personal Trainers to get truely fantastic body composition results with their clients. The results ot the Worlds Top Personal Trainers, Body Composition experts and Strength Coaches like Charles Poliquin and Nick Mitchell of Ultimate Performance is down to the Biosignature protocols. The results of Nick Mitchell of UP can be seen below:


Nick Mitchell London Personal Trainer Results using Biosignature

At SOS Executive Personal Training we to have started our own success stories with our own '12 Week Transformations' underway using Biosignature protocols.If your wondering what this biosignature is all about read on.

 It is a systematic approach to losing unwanted body fat in specific locations “Spot reduction”. The science behind BioSignature Modulation comes from skin fold data Charles Poliquin has gathered over the past 20 years and by comparing this data against blood, urine and saliva tests to determine client’s specific hormonal imbalances.

Charles Poliquin developed his form of biotyping whilst working with athletes, gaining data from blood, urine and saliva tests. Ift focuses on specific body fat reduction through hormone balance. Poliquin believes that fat accumulates in specific body areas because certain hormones are too high, too low or just out of balan. There is research to suggest that higher body fat levels disrupt hormones causing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer and assertions of hormones causing regional fat distribution. 

The BioSignature Method is designed to offer a new alternative to fat loss, offering faster fat loss and scientific spot reduction. The BioSignature method brings together the best principles of naturopathy, functional medicine and exercise science to bring about a revolutionary new method of achieving fat loss and optimal health.

How Does The BioSignature Method Work?

There are 12 major body fat sites that can be quickly and accurately tested by a pair of quality skin calipers and a qualified technician. These sites include the cheek, chin, pectoral region, triceps, umbilical, supra iliac, subscapular, mid axillary, quadriceps, hamstrings, knee and calf. Although there are many other methods to test body fat, such as underwater weighing and electrical impedance, Poliquin believes that body fat testing with skin calipers is the best method to be used for Biosignature Modulation because it can determine precisely the amount of fat in each of the major fat-testing sites where other testing methods only tell you your percent body fat.

Hormones BioSignature Looks At: 

Hormone Skin Fold Occurrence
Cortisol Umbilic Excessive fat gain in belly region, disrupted sleep pattern
Insulin Suprailliac, Subscrapular Excessive fat gain in love handles and on the upper back
Estrogen Quadraceps, Hamstrings Excessive fat gain in hips and legs
Testosterone Pectoral, Tricep Androgen imbalance, accumulated fat in chest area for men
Growth Hormone Knee, Calf Reflects sleep patterns and overall fat loss
Thyroid Mid-auxillary Function of thyroid, accumulated fat 8 inches below armpit

Measurements from each site are then compared to the triceps reading and this identifies which areas of the body have excessive levels of fat relative to the other 11 body fat sites. Some people may have excessive fat in just one area, while others may have several problem areas. Most clients will already have a good idea of what their problem areas are and an experienced practitioner in Biosignature Modulation can often make an accurate visual determination of the problem, but the calipers are quick, easy and reliable.


The BioSignature Method can help you develop a programme based on your unique biological signature. This means faster results and fewer supplements than is possible with the industry’s typically more random and haphazard approach.

The BioSignature Method For Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

This method claims that you can be helped physically, mentally and intellectually. Whilst you can become leaner on this program, it is hoped you will improve more holistically, becoming leaner, healthier, stronger and energised. This method tries to treat people as people instead of having a straightforward one-fits-all approach.

By becoming a Poliquin™ BioSignature Practitioner allows us to offer our clients a well-rounded approach to fat loss by utilizing nutrition and supplementation. It offers results you can see- fast!


Charles Poliquin is one of the most accomplished strength coaches in the world. He has designed workouts for  Olympic medalists in 17 different sports,  world record holders in 10 different sports, and professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and UK Premier League. Poliquin has written 600-plus articles and 10 books. His innovative work in strength training is frequently cited in peer-reviewed literature.

At SOS Executive Personal Training Company we are committed to maximising our clients results.

If you would like more information on BioSignature Modulation or to schedule an appointment, please contact Sam O'Sullivan on 07789908704 or email: Sam is currently the only Cardiff based Biosignature practitioner.


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