Building A Great Booty

For most women having great glutes is probably near the top of their list. Having strong glutes supports your lower back and creates good posture. 
But let's be honest although that's great most ladies would like well-developed glutes to look great in jeans and on the beach.

If your goal is to build an ass like 'Beyonce' Zumba and ultra high rep body-pump workouts aren't going to cut it.

Your glutes are the most powerful muscles in the body so they are not going to respond to light loads you need to engage them hard and with a decent volume to get a response.

Give this workout a shot to begin with, ideally 1-2x a week.

Perform B1 & B2 with no rest between exercises:

(The last 2-3 reps should be very hard on each set)

I'm not going to over confuse people who may be new to training with a set tempo, but you should use a controlled eccentric (lowering the weight) on all exercises.

A1) Romanian Deadlift 4x5-7 Reps

B1) Bulgarian Split Squat 3x12 Reps
B2) Glute Ham Raise 3x12 Reps

C1) Barbell Hip Thrust 2x15-20 Reps

Ideally start with some glute activation exercises to wake the glutes up before the workout - If you don't know any 'comment below' and i'll list a few.


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