'500 Rep TBB'

Here is a Workout called '500 Rep TBB'. It stands for 500 Rep Total Boby Blitz'  from our Cardiff Based SOS Bootcamp constructed by Sam O'Sullivan. Bootcamps are based around getting people Fitter, Stronger and Leaner while training in a group environment. This particular workout is very 'smokey'. You may feel like your going to cough up one of your lungs as its very cardiovascular based. Sure 200 metres isn't a very long way, its a pretty short distance, but 200 metre runs between 10 challenging exercises will leave you in a heap of sweat on the floor and gasping for air.

For those of you that have bad eye sight or pretending you can't see because it looks too hard here is the Workout in 'BIG' (No Excuses!!)

For the OH Swings, KB Squat Pulls and Tricep Extensions I recommend guys use a 24 kg and Females use a 16 kg Kettlebell. Squats are of course ass to grass, Burpees chest to floor and Box Jumps on a high RBK Deck or a 20 inch Box. Aim to complete this workout between 20 - 25 minutes.

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