5 Home Based Fat Blitzing Workouts

There are times when unfortunately there are just not enough hours in the day. You may have had to stay on late in work or someother has cropped up meaning that your never going to be able to get to the gtym and do your workout. This blog post will provide you with 5 simple workouts that are all very challenging. All can be done in less that 10 minutes and each workout is enough to get a good sweat on and reap some rewards. Short intense workouts are fantastic. Training hard for 10 minutes is far more beneficial both from a Health and body composition point of view. Make sure you have a gentle warm up before these 5 exercises. Warm up with some gentle body weight exercises and stretches.

1) 250 Press Ups For Time.

Every time you rest for more than 5 seconds perform 30 Jumping Lunges before going back to your press ups

2) 300 Air Squats For Time

This is simply a case of getting the job done and your legs will kill after this. No forefeit for stopping or resting, but make sure you hit Full Range of Motion on each squat. That means ass to grass!!

3) Flab to Fab Abs Routine

Aim to complete the routine three times with 90 seconds rest between sets

50 Sit Ups, 40 Kick outs, 30 Leg Raises, 20 Hollow Rocks and 10 Press Up to Plank combos

4) 7 Minutes of Max Repetition Burpees

This was a qualification workout for last years CrossFit regionals. I remember at my fist attempt I hit 97 burpees. I have since improved that to 115 chest to floor burpees in 7 minutes. This workout is great you go from being literally fine to dead in 7 short minutes

5) 45 secs on: 15secs off

Perform the following exercises for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. There are 10 exercises making this workout 10 minutes in total,

Air Squats - Press Ups - Kick outs - Burpees -  Jump Lunges - Holow Rocks - Decline Pree Ups (feet up on chair) - Walking Lunges - Sit Ups - Plank - Incline Press Ups (hands on chair)

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