5 Fat Loss Mistakes You Could Be Making

I saw this today and this made me laugh. However, it's sometimes true

Over the years as a gym owner I am often in contact with people who are disillusioned with what it takes to successfully lose body fat.

I swear some people think that just joining a gym or getting a Personal Trainer will make them drop a dress size or lose 10 lbs - NO! That's not how it works.

So here are just 5 mistakes I see on a weekly basis in the fitness industry. I could list at least 15-20 tips but here are 5 that I have selected to help you on your 'Fat Loss' journey.

Here are a few 'Reality Checks' if you're making any of these mistakes you are never going to lose body fat. You need to make changes to your lifestyle. It's your fault and nobody else's. So don't blame your gym, your trainer or anything else.

You can have results or excuses, you can't have both.

5 Fat Loss Mistakes You Could Be Making:

1) You drink alcohol on a weekly basis.

No alcohol is calorie free. Whether it's clear spirits, wine or expensive champagne. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram of alcohol and it affects homeostasis and body fat loss function. When booze is in your system, your body will switch to 'fat storage zone'.

2) You don't train 3 x a week consistently.

As Personal Trainers and Gym owners we don't own magic wands. If you have a goal you have to work to achieve it. 3 x training sessions a week is a minimum requirement if you want to lose body fat. I recommend 4-5 sessions if you're serious. So if you cancel a session with your trainer or miss a workout, it's your responsibility to fit that workout in at another time.

3) I'm going to stress point 1 + 2 again (They are vital!!)

If you drink alcohol more times through the week than you actually train you have NO CHANCE. I recently saw this with someone. If you're drinking several times a week and only training once a week, you're probably going to get fatter not leaner. Again that's your fault. Wake up and smell the coffee, take responsibility for your exercise routine and alcohol intake.

4) You make excuses like a little baby

Nobody has fallen over and landed on a cheese cake or baguette by mistake and accidentally eaten it. You control what goes in your mouth and nobody else. So take responsibility for what goes into your body, because nobody else will.

5) You think fat will make you fat.

This is a common mistake in the industry. Avocado, nuts, seeds, oily fish, coconut oil and butter are key ingredients to boost good cholesterol. They'll help your body lose body fat when combined with a healthy lifestyle. So don't be scared of good fats. Embrace them and watch how your energy levels soar and you start to get lean.

If I've hit a few home truths I'm not going to apologise. It's what you needed to hear to make you realise what it takes to reach your goals.

More 'Home Truths' on fat loss coming in the next 24 hours.

If your unsure about any of these points just let us know and we will be happy to help.


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