14 Week Transformation

When Llion contacted us in January about a Transformation we were excited about the journey.

With the amount of body fat Llion had to lose we knew that 12 weeks wouldn't be sufficient without compromising the health, mindset and transformation experience for Llion.

So we opted to give ourselves plenty of time (24 weeks) ensuring we didn't just get Llion incredibly lean, but also incredibly healthy and happy. We also decided to give Llion access to the SOS Body Transformation Weekends to provide two x 3 day periods of over training.

With having more time at our disposal we opted to use an undulating periodisation approach where we used time under tension / total volume as the focus. We switched from periods of accumulation to intensification in 3 week periods to keep Lion constantly challenged and mentally stimulated.

We haven't eliminated any food groups with Llion and he is still enjoying all his favourite meals. He is simply tracking his food 90% of the time, which allows us to include foods that would normally be perceived as forbidden on his plan. This has included weekly full english breakfasts, McDonalds, beer and cake over the 14 week period. He chooses his vices in the form of 2-3 weekly cheat meals.

Llion still has 10 weeks of his transformation left and we are excited to see the end results.

If you'd like to meet Llion then you can on the next Body Transformation weekend which is held at our facility on 4/5/6th August 2017

With this weekend you will experience you won't only meet Llion but will also have access to:

• 7 unique workouts with internationally qualified coaches geared towards changing your body shape
• 4 educational seminars

All meals, Body Composition analysis and supplements for the weekend are included along with a 12 week training program for you to follow once you successfully complete the weekend . We are offering a £100 discount for early bird sign ups.

Early bird spaces available HERE >>> http://bit.ly/2qnC4fz

Big shout out to Gavin Attorre for writing the workouts for Llion and for SOS Coach Kasey-Marie Jennings for taking Llion through the sessions.


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