BioPrint is based on years of scientific research and on the work experience of Charles Poliquin, who is regarded as the best strength coach in history. This is due to his incredible record of having trained athletes who have won more medals at Olympic competitions than any other. 


Poliquin's fantastic reputation is built on his ability to get people - initially athletes and then the general public - very lean. He developed a unique test which was first called BioSignature and was later developed into BioPrint. This test was based around measuring fat tissue on different sites on the body.


The initial BioSignature was based on 12 measurements and the new BioPrint measures 14 separate sites on the body.


Each site is related to different hormones within the body. A BioSignature or BioPrint practitioner has the ability to measure lean mass very effectively and use the data obtained to provide an accurate BioPrint assessment. 


The initial BioPrint consult at SOS is aimed at helping us understand your current physiological makeup and gives us an insight into your nutritional deficits/needs, pre-existing food sensitivities and current hormonal imbalances. The process lasts approximately one hour in total and will provide the following information:


- Lean Muscle Mass: Muscle mass is metabolic tissue. So having knowledge of accurate body fat makes creating a bespoke nutrition plan far easier. With this information we have the knowledge to set baseline protein levels for the clients nutrition based on their goals.


- Fat Mass: Knowing exactly how much fat mass somebody has makes goal-setting far easier. We can set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based goals. This could be to lose 1 lbs of fat mass each week for the next 12 weeks.


- Accurate Body Fat %: The leaner somebody is traditionally the better they will process carbohydrates. Having an accurate body fat figure will allow us to prescribe baseline carbohydrates, fats and calories to help you get to your goal successfully.


- Insulin Profile: Insulin is the hormone of ageing, so a bad relationship with insulin can really hold you back in your quest for optimum health and a lean physique. Insulin however can make the body very anabolic, which can assist in adding lean body mass and dropping body fat. We can help ensure you are doing the correct things to ensure insulin is helping you and not holding you back.


- Gynoid Profile: High oestrogen is a growing issue in many men. High oestrogen can affect testosterone levels, which has a cascade effect on lean muscle mass and fat loss.


- Toxicity Profile: Is your body struggling to detoxify? Are you holding toxins? Toxicity can increase inflammation and restrict fat loss. We can identify issues that you may be seeing in your body shape at the moment.


- Recovery Profile: How well do you recover and sleep? Sleep and rest is often one element of training that is overlooked. We will cover this in your initial assessment.


- Growth Hormone: Increasing this naturally will boost strength and your body’s ability to get lean.


Get in touch with SOS to book an initial consultation and we can see how BioPrint can help you.


Llion getting his cheek measured during his BioPrint

Angharad having her suprailiac measured during her BioPrint


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