Lots of woman these days seem to want to target their Booty, but are unsure about the best approach.

Many girls spend their whole time doing ineffective exercises and don’t use enough load cause muscular breakdown and hypertrophy in this targeted area.

A firm behind like mine comes from the old school leg exercises such as the deadlift, squat, and lunge variations.

The big multi joint exercises allow you to use the kind of weight necessary to build the sort of muscle tissue that ultimately gives the glutes a nice, round shape.

Building the perfect butt requires dieting, conditioning and weight training.

Here are some tips from SOS to help you with your Booty development:

Your butt routine should be part of your leg routine. We do not recommend you train it on top of leg training.

At SOS we are big fans of two lower body sessions per week.

One lower body session focuses the main compound movemt on a quad dominant exercise such as a squat variation. The second lower body session on more hip dominant exercises such as a Deadlift pattern.

 Don’t Neglect Mobility. Full range of motion is important when looking to fully develop any muscle. Think about it – If you can’t squat deep, or lunge will full rage of motion you’ll be recruiting less muscle fibres and limit your progress.

 Change your program to keep it varied. The human body is a very advanced machine and it needs variety in order to stay stimulated. At SOS we recommend changing the program every 3 weeks flipping from higher repetition phases we call accumulation phases to lower rep workouts we call intensification pleases.

Flipping from higher to lower reps every 3 weeks constantly provides the nervous system with new stimuli and has been shown to be a great way to stop over use injuries. It’s also great as you never lose the benefits of the previous phase of training with 3 week training cycles.

 Have a Specific warm up. Lots of clients can’t feel their glutes when they train. This is no surprise as we are sat on them most of the day. Firing up the glutes with activation exercises is a great way to iprove that mind to muscle connection.

 Start with the compound movemts. The squat or Deadlift exercises should take place earlier in your workout. By prioritising these you should be able to lift more load and maximise the exercises that give you the biggest return inn your efforts.

 Minimize Cardio exposure. If you want to build muscle minimising long duration cardio is something that will benefit you. If you love cardio do some HIIT at the end of your session, rather than adding in extra workouts that will impair your recovery.

Here’s one of our best workouts for building an amazing butt.

We recommmend you do this workout once a week for 3 weeks as part of your posterior chain / hip dominant lower body day before mixing it up.

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