The video shows SOS client Ray performing a lower back super set from his program. 

Ray is in an acculumation phase of training with us. The superset is as follows: A)1) Deadlift x 5 reps on a 2010 temp

A)2) Horizontal Back Extensions x 8-10 on a 3010 tempo 180 seconds rest x 5 sets 

At SOS training the lower back is something we prioritise. A strong lower back is essential for posture and performance. At SOS Athletic Excellence we train a wide selection of professional athletes most notably footballers. One common theme occurs when they all enter the gym. None of them have any type of muscle development around their lower backs. Why does a footballer need a strong lower back? 

Well, what if I told you a strong lower back was the KEY factor in improving acceleration over the first 5 metres? Would improving your 5 metre speed improve performance? Think about it! All the top earners in the world of football are normally the fastest over the first 5 metres. 

Messi – Neymar – Suarez – Ronaldo – Bale Speed and most importantly acceleration is a key factor. In my experience with a wide range of athletes short-term speed improvement is a direct function of how much they improved (or increased) their lower back strength.  

Don’t believe me, think about this.

Who has the fastest 5 meters times in the world? Lifters and throwers. Why? Because they have the strongest lower backs from all of the posterior chain work. What are the best exercises to strengthen the lower back: – Deadlift Variations- Back Extension Variations- Olympic Lifting- Glute Ham Raises- Reverse Hyper extension The rep schemes, sets, rest periods and session structure should be bespoke to the fibre type of the muscles being trained, the stage of training and the athletes requirements. If you look at pro sports, football is still in the dark ages in terms of optimal strength and conditioning levels.

American footbal, ice hockey and rugby are at least 15 years ahead of them in terms of proper training methodology. This is without going into other aspects of performance such as nutrition, mobility and lifestyle either. That’s a blog post for a different day.  At SOS Athletic Excellence we uncover the myths and false perceptions and design programs that make our clients / athletes better.



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