Garhammer Raise Tutorial

Garhammer raise variations are great for hitting the function of the lower portion of your rectus abdominis. They were invented by sports scientist John Garhammer, PhD, and popularised by the late Charles Poliquin. In this video Coach Sam takes Bex through the...

How to Perform a Hack Squat at Home

The squat is regarded as the king of lower body exercises. It works the quads, glutes and core simultaneously. No one can argue that the barbell squat variations are the most effective. Their ease of use and the fact they allow us to add lots of external load ensure...

Book Review: Make Your Bed

Coach Sam Shares His Thoughts on the book, ‘Make Your Bed’ Picked this up yesterday and finished it today 🤗 Although 2020 has been crap for lots of reasons it’s officially the year in which I’ve read the most books I’ve read between 35-40 books this year...

SOS Pre Workout

SOS Pre Workout We have been blown away with how our SOS Supplements are going down. Feedback has been INSANE! Our BLUE RASPBERRY FLAVOUR PRE WORKOUT is going down a storm. It provides a high potency unique formula for an explosive boost when you need it most! The SOS...

Binge Eating Lessons From a Dead Dog Walker

Nearly two weeks ago in Los Angeles, Ryan Fischer was shot four times and left for dead.Ryan is a celebrity dog walker, and on this particular evening he was out walking the dogs of Lady Gaga.Not only was Ryan left in a pool of his own blood as he tried to fight back...



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