Sam O'Sullivan Personal Trainer in South Wales

Sam O'Sullivan is a highly respected and extremely sought after Personal Trainer in South Wales. As the owner and Managing Director of SOS Athletic Excellence Gym; Sam has has changed many peoples lives.

Sam is one of only a small selection of Charles Poliquin Biosignature and BioPrint practiotioners in the United Kingdom. This qualification has given Sam the knowledge to look in depth at clients hormones. He can then manipulate these hormones through food, exercise and correct supplementation to get you the Fastest and Most Effective results imaginable.
Sam has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry having spent over £80,000 on his education. Sam has travelled to Marbella and Toronto on several occassions over the last 18 months to learn from the best strength coaches in the world. Sam works very closely with several profssional footballers and elite track and field athletes. Sam is under the mentorship of Charles Poliquin and has more courses lined up for the coming year to stay ahead of the field.
Sam O'Sullivan has a sporting background as a former Wales schools international footballer who has represented Cardiff City, Newport County, Merthyr Tydfil and a whole host of semi-professional football clubs in the area. He also competes in CrossFit and is recently came second in Britain in the recent Fit Brit Cahampionship. Sam successfully climbed Killimanjaro in 2010.

The Cardiff Personal Trainers Qualifications include:

  • Sports Coaching Degree (2:1 Classification)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
  • FASTER Diploma in Sports Therapy (Level Four recognised by R.E.P.S)
  • Charles Poliquin Biosignature practitioner
  • Strength Sensai BioPrint Practitioner
  • Strength Sensai Kinetic Chain Student (Upper Body, Lower Body and Torso Graduate)
  • CrossFit Level One Trainer
  • Strength Sensai Advanced Program Design
  • Strength Sensai Soocer Strength and Conditioning
  • Personal Training Diploma from Lifetime (Level Three R.E.P.S)
  • UKSCA Level One Workshops Completed
  • Master Kettlebell Instructor with Juice Performance
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness Preliminary Award
  • TRX Qualified Instructor (FASTER)
  • Advanced Circuits Instructor
  • Power Plate Level 1 Academy Training Qualified
  • Spin and RPM Instructor
  • Plus many more...

So if you are looking for a South Wales Personal Trainer who will help you reach your fitness goals through: 

  • Pushing you to your maximum potential and not allowing you to slack off in any workouts
  • Intense workouts that are aimed at helping you melt off excess fat at a rapid rate, tighten and firm your entire body, and increase energy levels
  • Healthy eating meal plans, nutritional information as well as lifestyle health, support and guidance to maximise your potential.

 O'Sullivan on top of Killimanjaro in July 2010

Cardiff Personal Trainer performing his own training

Sam and Charles 2011 on Biosignature, Southampton

Sam and Charles 2013 on BioPrint, Marbella

 Sam with Charles Poliquin 2015 on Kinetic Chain, Marbella



James Rodaway, Cardiff

James Rodaway, Cardiff completed the SOS 12 Week Body Transformation Program in May 2013


Evan Rees, Cardiff

Llion grifiths, Cardiff completed the SOS 12 Week Body Transformation Program


Mike O'Neil, Cardiff

Mike O'Neil, Cardiff completed the SOS 12 Week Body Transformation Program in May 2013


Charlie Roe, Newport

"I was amazed with how well I did in a short period of time. In just 28 days I transformed my body shape and went from being an overweight Mam to bikini fit".

Matthew John, Cardiff

"I had three personal training sessions per week for 10 weeks at his gym in cardiff. He corrected my eating habits and provided me with a challenging and realistic exercise programme that I continued to pursue in my own time."

Steve Muir, Newport

"Training with SOS Athletic Excellence pushed me to my potential and gave me structure. I now have a sleeker physique and lots more confidence"

Nicola Ferguson, Cardiff

"Employing a Personal Trainer has educated me and got me into good habnits. I've trained with SOS and in just 21 days lost 14 inches from my stomach. With the help and support I've dropped three dress sizes in less than 2 months".

Louise Brettell, Newport

Since working out with Personal Trainer Sam O'Sullivan at Cardiff Fitness First, I've dropped 10 lbs! His training keeps my body guessing and progressing. It's great because I'm still a member of a Newport health club, but go and see Sam once a week. This keeps me motivated, and I enjoy the change of scenery personal training in Cardiff once a week.


Tim, Cardiff

"I came to SOS Athletic Excellence and started group training with SOS Personal Trainer Alun Edwards. Alun helped me drop body fat at a rapid rate and allowed me to see my abs for the first time in 12 years".


Tracy Newman, Merthyr

"I've alwaystrained hard but struggled to lose my stomach after children. I literally had given up hope before i signed up to the SOS 21 Day Fat Loss Plan. in just 21 days I made more progress than I had in the previous 18 months".


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