The deadlift is a superior exercise for strengthening the lower back and entire posterior chain, developing a tight core, and strengthening the posterior chain to protect against back pain. If you’re stuck with pushing up your deadlift numbers there are a few techniques that I use to increase deadlift performance.

1) Podium Deadlifts (as seen in video): This technique makes you lifting from a disadvantageous position which increases muscle fibre recruitment in the quads, hamstrings and spinal erectors.

2) Deadlifts with Chains: Adding chains alters the strength curve of the deadlift by making the lockout harder. A phase of doing these will mean a far stronger lockout when the chains are removed in a traditional deadlift.

3) Use extreme tempos: Tempos such as 5-0-X-0 or 5-0-5-0 or 10-0-X-0 all will increase time under tension with a variety of differing effects. The main thing high Time Under Tension does is have a positive effect on Hypertrophy. More muscle mass will assist on overcoming strength pleateus.

4) Eccentric Pauses: Adding an eccentric pause will again increase time under tension but also has a muscle oscillation effect. This restricts blood flow to the muscles which is another way to increase Time Under Tension for positive Hypertrophy effect. It’s also a great way to increase conditioning.

5) Another way to improve deadlifts is by looking at other exercises to increase the strength of the posterior chain and there are tens of these with hundreds of effective variations. Some of these exercises could include use of strongman style exercises such as; tyre flips, farmers walks and heavy carries. These exercises will all tremendously assist in enhancing grip strength.  A stronger grip will allow less effort from the fore arms, which will allow greater focus to be placed on the muscle groups involved directly in the posterior chain to complete the deadlift successfully.

Why not try these tips to enhance you’re deadlift. If you’d like help with program design, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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