We have been fortunate enough to be trusted by literlly hundreds of men and women over the years to transform their body shapes.

There is tons of time, effort, research and committment that goes into a successful transformation far beyond training hard and eating less.

Here are 5 tpics overlooked by most men when they embark on a transformation

1) Sustainability

When men want to get in shape they normally have a ‘everything or nothing’ approach. This beast mode approach of training flat out every day, is a sure fire way to fail. The key is not to aim for a bodybuilder style routine involving 30-40 sets per workout and training 6-7 days a week.

Choose a 3-4 day split to start out. This could look as follows:

Option 1 (beginner) – Monday: Total Body / Tuesday: Total Body / Wednesday: Rest / Thursday: Total Body / Friday: Total Body / Weekend: Rest

Option 2 (intermediate) – Monday: Upper Body / Tuesday: Lower Body / Wednesday: Rest / Thursday: Upper Body / Friday: Lower Body / Weekend: Rest

Option 3 (Advanced) – Monday: Torso / Tuesday: Quads / Wednesday: Rest / Thursday: Shoulders and Arms / Friday: Posterior Chain and Abs / Weekend: Rest

2) Have a Nutrition Plan and Set Macros

Eating healthier may cause you to have a habitual calorie deficit, but it may not either. Unless we track what we eat it’s difficult to know and literlly impossible to eat different foods and remain consistent. Foods such as avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, peanut butter and butter are all considered healthy choices. These foods however are very high in fat and calorie rich. Not monitoring the intake of such foods is a simple way to derail progress.

Tracking your calories, protein, fat and carbs takes literally 5 minutes per day and is the simplest, easiest and biggest factor in ensuring you are on track with your energy intake.

3) Measure Preogess Consistently

Most people get frustrated by what seems slow progress, only to discover that they are doing extremely well. Measuring your body fat will give you quantifiable data that allows you to determine whether or not the plan is working. If progress is slow then small changes can be made to the training volume or nutrition plan to enhance results. During a 12 week transformation we aim to measure clients each week at the same time of day, this validates the consistency of the readings. Finally if you want to drop body fat, measure progress in body fat. if you want to gain muscle measure lean mass gains. Don’t be that guy who wants to add muscle or lose body fat and uses the weighing scales to measure progress. 

4) Choose the Right Form of Training and do it Correctly

Your number one exercise priority for fat loss is resistance training because it will preserve muscle mass and raise metabolic rate. The best form of resistance training for fat loss is considered to involve higher volume, moderate loads using large multijoint movements. Lowering weights slowly and training to the point of technical failure is also research proven to elevate EPOC more than standard tempos. 

5) Get Your Macros Set Based on Your Body Shape / Weight

A high protein intake of at least 1.6 g/kg of bodyweight will go a long way to ensure you preserve muscle mass during phases of focused fat loss. If muscle building is the goal we recommend a minimum of 2.0 g/kg. We do always however perform an indepth analysis with all new clients to ensure based on their initial consultation that this is the correct approach for them. 

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